Tips for Height Increase.

It is a common goal of wish by many people to become taller. Being tall offers quite a number of advantages and one of them is the feeling of confidence. In order to achieve better height, you first need to understand what factors may influence a person's height.

 Genetics is the main, yet not the only factor affecting height. Hormones produced by the body, like growth and receptive hormones, have genetic coding in them. As puberty begins, this coding along with the bone proportion makeup determines the height that a person acquires.

Pre-natal Environment.
   This is another determining factor for height. A pregnant mother needs to have proper nutrition. She must also avoid smoking and drinking alcohol. This healthy lifestyle of a pregnant mother will give the most suitable environment for children to become taller. If the mother chooses poor lifestyle, her baby will be born underweight and eventually grow shorter.

Nutrition during Growth.
   Nutrition is an essential factor of growth. Eat a healthy diet and you will certainly reach maximum growth. Your daily meals should involve nutritious and healthy foods. Poor diet is likely to cause short height and stature. Proper nutrition is significant especially during childhood through puberty. These are the growth stages when a child grows the most. Growth and height of children will be greatly influenced by good nutrition.

Drugs and Medications.
   If a child regularly takes medications during the periods and stages of growth, this child may be expected to be shorter. It will, however, depend on the type of medication a child takes; but medicines generally influence the hormones. Medications for mental health are known to affect hormones and can make a child to grow shorter.

To improve height, the following may be implemented:

   There are specific exercises that can help a person enhance his or her height. These exercises involve certain movements that help lengthen the body. There are also yoga exercises that you can perform. In essence, yoga will not increase height, unless you are still within the growth phase. Instead, yoga can help elongate and stretch the spine, creating space and developing the spinal muscles. With this, you can hold your body properly and appear taller.

   HGH or Human Growth Hormones affect a person's height. It is given to children diagnosed with the possibility of not growing perfectly. The hormone is injected to the body and should be done based on doctor's prescription. There are oral HGH products advertised to promote height. These are not effective since the hormone will already be broken down in the stomach even before it reaches the bloodstream.

Alexander Technique.
   This technique makes you more aware of your movement and of your balance. It can help improve the posture and with this, you will appear taller.

   You can instantly add inches to your height by wearing special types of shoes. These elevating shoes can make you up to four inches taller.

   Operations are also done for better growth of the limbs. The process may be painful and take a while, but can produce significant results.

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